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House of Haptics
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Risks and challenges

HEY has been in the making for about two years now. It has reached its final development phases. The next step will be initiating the production process. We’re already in talks with experienced manufactures in the Netherlands and in Asia. At the same time we’re performing a thorough design analysis and are developing a roadmap for the upcoming production stages, certifications and standard drop and environmental tests.

We are highly confident in our abilities and are committed to delivering this product on time and with great quality. We will keep our backers up-to-date the whole way through. But of course not everything is set in stone. When developing something completely new, unforeseen circumstances do tend to arise. Yet, we know for sure that we have made all preparations to follow-up on the promises we’ve made on our campaign page. We’re working with an experienced team of product designers, brand experts and touch experts. Should we come across any deviations in our schedule we will be sure to inform you promptly so that you can follow along with our development!